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The easiest way to add reviews and approvals to your Confluence content

Use Comala Document Approval to add simple reviews and approvals to your Confluence pages, so your team knows the pages that have been finalized and the pages that are awaiting approval

With Comala Document Approval, anyone can take control of their Confluence documentation.

Simple review and approval process

The approval workflow makes it easy to ensure content is reviewed and signed off

Assign reviewers to approve your documents

Users are assigned as reviewers right inside Confluence, using the simple UI

Always know the status of your pages

The Reporting tool lets you see the approval status of pages

View pending assigned approvals

As a user, view your pending reviews in your user profile and on your Confluence dashboard

Space Approvals

Apply reviews either to a single page or across all the content in an entire space

Add Read Confirmations

In an approval workflow added to the page, request one or more users to confirm they have read a page or blog post either as


A user can view their outstanding read confirmation requests in the My Read Assignments option in their personal profile