Special Compatibility Notice for CLI Version 10.x


We always are sensitive to upward compatibility of our offerings and specifically want to make sure CLI scripts are as upward compatible as possible at least with the respect to those aspects that are under our control. Most of our actions remain compatible across a wide range of Atlassian application releases and even to high degree across Server and Cloud environments. However, on a CLI version boundary, we do take the opportunity to remove previously deprecated support or make some changes especially where it will simplify new user experiences and remove clutter for users. This page describes some of the important changes to be aware of when upgrading to 10.x from 9.x or earlier. If upgrading from release prior to 9.x, see also Special Compatibility Notice for CLI Version 9.x.

Client Changes

servicedeskrenamedjsmThe servicedesk client has been renamed to jsm to correspond with Atlassian's renaming Jira Service Desk to Jira Service Management.
Support has been removed.

Removed Actions

bitbucketcloudteam actionsworkspaceBitbucket Cloud removed support for a number of legacy terms and changed ownership relationships with workspaces becoming the key concept.
jiradeleteScreenremoveScreenConsistency as opposite of addScreen.

Removed Parameters

bitbucketcloudteamworkspaceBitbucket Cloud removed support for a number of legacy terms and changed ownership relationships with workspaces becoming the key concept.
bitbucketcloudownerworkspaceBitbucket Cloud removed support for a number of legacy terms and changed ownership relationships with workspaces becoming the key concept.
allrowFilterByColumn, rowFilterRegexselect

These option values are no longer supported. Use ACLI-1474: New row selection by column and regex matching support for list actions for better support of this capability.

agileidboard, sprintThe use of the id parameter for board and sprint ids has been replaced. Use the board or sprint parameters as they now accept either a name or an id. This reduces ambiguity.

Changed Output Formats

Consistency across actions especially with the new workspace terminology.
jiragetUserListkey added to outputFormat 1Consistency and importance of a unique key for Cloud.

Deprecated Parameters

This is a notice that we have deprecated some other parameters so you can start migrating any scripts to the new support over time. It is likely these will be removed in a later version. This was part of an ongoing effort to simplify some usage scenarios and prune our interfaces to avoid confusion. 



urlSpecify host as part of the url parameter for database access. ACLI-2164 and ACLI-1897 
allporturlSpecify port as part of the url parameter for database access. ACLI-2164 and ACLI-1897
jira, confluence, bitbuckettargetPassword, targetToken, targetUser

Use targetServer referencing a ACLI configuration entry to specify this information.

bambootargetPassword, targetUser
targetUser and targetPassword were removed completely if favor of a ACLI configuration entry. Also, the Bitbucket server URL needs to be part of an application link defined between Bamboo and Bitbucket.

Removed Environment Variables

Environment VariableFirst DeprecatedReplacementDiscussion


9.xsite configurationUse site configuration to specify access parameters so they are not on the command line. Site configurations can reference any environment variable available. User who are concerned about securing their passwords especially on shared systems, should consider using secured variables available with 11.0.

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