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Update May 2023.

Slide Show LinkDescription
ACLI Getting StartedNEW for 11.0. For first time users or evaluators to install and run the ACLI on their computer to explore and discover capabilities.
ACLI IntroductionFor new users or evaluators to get a basic understanding of the Appfire Command Line Interface (CLI), how it works, and what it can do.
ACLI Target ApplicationsFor application administrators who are authorized to install Apps on their application instance.
ACLI Site ConfigurationFor new users or evaluators for getting started examples and to see how using simple site configuration make everyday use easier.
ACLI Run AppsFor evaluators, administrators and workflow designers that want to integrate ACLI capabilities within their application such as Jira workflow, Confluence pages, or 
ACLI OutputFor users that need to understand the options for controlling output from actions.
ACLI ScriptingFor users that prefer not to code and need more information and examples on how to do bulk actions and simple ACLI scripting.
ACLI Program ScriptingFor technical users or programmers who need to write program scripts for more advanced use cases like process automation, migrations, or DevOps scenarios.
ACLI Advanced Content PublishingFor advanced users or administrators who need to publish SQL or other data rich content to Confluence Cloud or Server.
ACLI Data Warehouse for DevOpsFor DevOps designers and implementors looking for ideas and solutions related to ACLI supported applications.

Atlassian Cloud Site Configuration using ACLI Shell - New for 11.0!!!

Atlassian Site Configuration using ACLI Shell Site Configuration using ACLI Shell - New for 11.0 EAP!!! Site Configuration using ACLI Shell

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