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The "Plugin cache" tab


differs between Jira Cloud and Jira Server / Jira Data Center



Outdated caches can be refreshed:

  • When you cannot access tasks that should be reachable to you.
  • When you cannot find newly created Jira entities (filters, groups, components, issue fields, statuses, transitions, workflows) to populate the scope, edit tasks, or create new quick filters.


Security and access

  • Only Jira administrators can access this page.
  • Click the "wrenchicon in the top-right corner and select "Advanced" from the drop-down list.
  • Next, go to the "Plugin cache" tab.
Jira CloudJira Server / Jira Data Center
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Plugin cache information

To check the cache information, you can use:

Show stats

Shows the number of entries in different caches.

Reports the cache statistics information and is required in case of occurring performance issues.

Show cache providers infoShows all the cache providers - the info will be displayed in a pop-up. The dialogue box will not disappear until you manually close it.

Plugin cache refreshing

To refresh the cache information, you can use:



Refresh all cache

(available only on Jira Server / Jira Data Center) 


The "Refresh all cache


" button is NOT available in the Jira Cloud. The button is hidden under a feature flag. If you need to use this button, please please get in touch with support to manage the issue.

For Jira Server / Jira Data Center

Refresh the App's cache, which will result in full synchronization of all the Boxes - it triggers a recalculation.


Most of the problems with outdated information which can cause errors can be resolved by clearing the cache.



the "Refresh all cache" button invalidates the plugin cache which forces complete data to reload from the Jira database for all boxes and all users (full recalculation of all the program boxes similar to recreating the programs from scratch). Depending on the volume of data in your Jira, it can take up to several minutes to execute while the application will not allow data editing during that time. Use it with caution as it will influence server performance and users' ability to work with the application.

Note that If a Box is not opened for more than 24 hours, the cache will be automatically cleared and a full synchronization will be triggered.

While clearing the plugin cache should correct most of the problems with showing outdated information or occasional glitches, it is important to treat this procedure as the last resort in case of unidentified problems. It should NOT be used routinely, and if such a need arises, please get in touch with support for troubleshooting.

Refresh settings cache

It clears the following cache:

  • Quick filters
  • Task fields
  • Statuses
  • Workflows
  • Transitions
  • Components
  • Boards
  • Projects
  • Dependency and link types
Refresh permission cache

It clears the following cache:

  • Roles in Boxes to which the user is assigned
  • User roles
  • Permissions to boxes
  • User info cache
  • Groups cache
  • Cache with cloud permissions info
Refresh Trello cacheIt clears all of Trello's cache.

Refresh cache on the scope definition page

If you cannot find the project, board, or quick filters, you can "Refresh cache" directly on the scope definition page. 

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Security and access


Refresh cache on the dependencies mapping page

If you cannot see a newly created link on the App Configuration > General > Dependencies page, click the 'Refresh cache' button.

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