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Don't be limited by a pre-defined export document style offered in Jira. Install BigTemplate and enjoy saving unlimited custom templates tailored to your needs.

BigTemplate has been designed to empower you to:

  • export Export all management data from BigPicture and BigGantt to preferred file formats (.xlsx, .odt, .csv, .mpp, .mpx, .pdf),.

  • export Export Jira issue content to MS Word, MS Excel, or PDF,.

  • import Import management data from the MS Project or MS Excel file to BigPicture and BigGantt,.

  • create Create export templates for your Jira issues and all management data from BigPicture and BigGantt.

You can read about all BigTemplate possibilities in the following sections:

Child pages (Children Display)



in modules

Export functionality can be used in the following modules:

Export Jira



Open your Jira issue and choose a template you want to export. The exported file is ready to distribute, print, or send.



The video presents how to find a template you want to export.


Beautiful templates

There is no need to create a document from scratch because we have done it for you. You can freely modify templates designed with the best User Experience in mind and make them visible on the Jira issue page or the Gantt module.


Edit our default templates or create your own from scratch. BigTemplate allows you to save an unlimited number of custom templates.


Deactivate the BigTemplate widget 


This feature is available only in Jira Server and Jira Data Center. 


Deactivate the BigTemplate widget on specific Jira projects

Decide whether you want the BigTemplate widget active for all Jira projects or only for selected ones.


Turning off the BigTemplate widget in all Jira Projects and choosing only selected ones can improve Jira's performance

To access and change the settings:

  1. Go to Administration > Manage Apps . Select the >BigTemplate configuration app on the left.Go to the Widget tab. > Widget.

  2. Disable the BigTemplate widget in all Jira Projects.

  3. Select Jira projects to be exported.

  4. Click Save.