Migrate Yet Another Commit Checker

This page describes the migration paths of Yet Another Commit Checker and all its settings for various cases.

From Server to Data Center

Standard Atlassian Server → DC migration includes app data and configuration settings.

When migrating Bitbucket from Server to Data Center in one of Atlassian’s documented ways (update the license or migrate the database), the app data and settings are maintained with no further action required. All you need to do is update the license for both the platform and any apps.

Bitbucket Server to Data Center (in-place)

Migration is a straightforward task when upgrading your Bitbucket from the Server to the Data Center version on the same instance. YACC is ready to use in a Data Center environment, and you only need to buy and apply the Data Center license for YACC.

Updating your YACC license

To buy the Data Center app license, open the YACC page at Atlassian Marketplace, click Buy it now, or use this direct link.

To update your license key:

  1. Go to your Bitbucket: click Administration Manage appsYet Another Commit Checker.

  2. Click Edit , located to the right of the Licence key field.

  3. Enter your key, click Update, and you are done!

See Atlassian documentation for more details on switching from Server to Data Center Bitbucket version.

Bitbucket Server to a new Data Center instance

Full database migration

This case does not differ significantly from the process described in Bitbucket Server to Data Center (in-place). Once you migrate from one instance to another, all hook settings are also migrated. You only need to update the YACC license when migrating to a different instance type. See Updating your YACC license section for details.

Migrating selected projects

To migrate specific projects or repositories, we recommend cleaning up Bitbucket first by removing any unwanted projects or repos and using the standard Bitbucket front-end (or the Bitbucket REST API for teams that are comfortable scripting). Once your Bitbucket server has only the projects and repositories you want, use a standard Bitbucket migration process to migrate the Bitbucket data. This is the safest and most straightforward migration approach when combining migration and cleanup tasks.

From Server / Data Center to Cloud

There is no Cloud version of YACC at this time as Bitbucket Cloud does not yet provide an API that can validate commits and reject invalid commits. We are in contact with Atlassian on this topic and will add a cloud version of YACC as soon as the technical ability becomes available.

If you are interested in a cloud version of Yet Another Commit Checker, contact us and let us know!