How to find the spaces or pages that use the LaTeX Math macros?

This article applies only to the Data Center version of the LaTeX Math app

This article helps you find all the spaces and pages where the LaTeX Math for Confluence macros are added to your Confluence instance hosted on the Data Center.


  1. Log in as Confluence administrator and click the Gear icon > General configuration > Administration > Macro Usage:

screenshot-1 (1).png
screenshot-2 (1).png
  1. Under All macros, look out for the app name Latex Math:

Usage information using SQL queries

Use the following query to get the macro-level usage information. If the query returns any records, the output includes the space key, space name, and title of the relevant pages.

SELECT DISTINCT SPACES.SPACEKEY, SPACES.SPACENAME, CONTENT.Title, BODYCONTENT.body FROM BODYCONTENT JOIN CONTENT ON BODYCONTENT.CONTENTID = CONTENT.CONTENTID JOIN SPACES ON CONTENT.SPACEID = SPACES.SPACEID WHERE BODYCONTENT.BODY like '%<ac:structured-macro ac:name="mathblock"%' OR BODYCONTENT.BODY LIKE '%<ac:structured-macro ac:name="mathblock-ref"%' OR BODYCONTENT.BODY LIKE '%<ac:structured-macro ac:name="mathinline"%' OR BODYCONTENT.BODY LIKE '%<ac:structured-macro ac:name="mathblock-table"%' OR BODYCONTENT.BODY LIKE '%<ac:structured-macro ac:name="unit"%' OR BODYCONTENT.BODY LIKE '%<ac:structured-macro ac:name="latex"%'


It is recommended to: 

  • Test the above queries in a test environment. The time to get the results is based on the number of pages where the macro is used.

  • Run the query during off-business hours to reduce any impact caused by the query's run time.

  • Query syntax has to be adjusted depending on the database used.