How to add and read an attachment using the Flash for Confluence app

This article explains how to add an attachment and read it from the current page using the Flash for Confluence app.


  1. Log in as a Confluence administrator.
  2. Navigate to >Add-ons > Manage Apps

    Ensure you have the Flash for Confluence app installed in your Confluence instance. If not, go to Find new apps and search for Flash for Confluence to install it.

    • The Flash for Confluence app supports .swf files as they are designed for efficient delivery over the web. For this purpose, open the Google Chrome browser and navigate to Settings > Privacy and security > Site settings > Flash > Allow, or perform the action as shown to enable to run the Flash files
    • Similarly, if you are using any other browser, ensure that the Flash files are allowed to be played in the browser by granting the required permission(s).
  3. Log in as any user in your Confluence instance, and add an attachment to the page.

  4. Insert and Edit the Flash macro.

  5. Enter the file name of the attachment in the Location of Flash file parameter. Click Preview to verify the file is read correctly.

  6. Save and then Publish the page to see the required result.