How to Monitor Language in Public Chat Rooms (Advanced)

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This recipe provides step-by-step instructions on building a self-service form in Confluence that can be used to run a report when needed to monitor public HipChat rooms for references to a sensitive term, such as conversations that may be discussing pending merger or acquisition talks.

This recipe utilizes the following items:

(info) It will take you approximately 14-15 minutes to complete this recipe.

Note that an Intermediate version of this recipe is also available: How to Monitor Language in Public Chat Rooms (Intermediate)

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  • Install the latest downloadable HipChat CLI Client on your computer, following all of the /wiki/spaces/HCLI/pages/70353210 including the steps marked optional.
  • Configure a profile which Run CLI Actions for Confluence will use to connect to your HipChat instance and make sure it references an API Access Token of a HipChat user who has access to all of the public rooms you wish to monitor.
  • Create rooms in HipChat for your team, if you have not done so already.
  • Open a  command window you'll use to execute CLI commands.


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