FAQs for Web Fragment Finder for Bitbucket Server


This page presents answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Web Fragment Finder app for Bitbucket Server.


 Can we use this app in production system?

This plugin is intended to be used in a development instance and not in a production system.

 What are the benefits of this app for a developer?

A developer can find all the available web-items, web-panels, and web-contexts in Atlassian applications.

 Can a normal user view the Active Objects option?

No, a normal user cannot view the Active Objects option. Only, the Sysadmin can view the Active Objects option.

 How to view the entries of Active Objects and their contents?

You can see the entries of Active Objects and their content using the Bitbucket Server- Audit option from the Active Objects tab

 Is this app compatible with Data Center?

No, Web Fragment Finder for Bitbucket Server is not compatible with Data Center.

 How to track application events?

You can track application events from the app, by clicking the Events tab.