How do I provide useful data for performance issue analysis


This article describes how to enable debug logs for the Linking for Confluence app.

This guide only applies to Linking for Confluence Data Center (not cloud).


In Linking for Confluence Data Center, you can benefit from the logging feature that is useful for troubleshooting performance issues you may have with the app.

To troubleshoot any performance issues, follow the following steps:

  1. Go to the ⚙ (Gear icon) > General Configuration. Under Administration, choose Logging and Profiling from the sidebar.

  2. On the Logging and Profiling screen, you need to Add a New Entry.

    1. Add net.customware.confluence.plugin.linking as a new entry in Class/Package Name.

    2. Set the New Level to DEBUG .

    3. Choose Add entry.

    4. Scroll down and choose Save.

  3. Load the page where you are experiencing slow performance with the app.

  4. Generate the support zip.

Ensure there are no preceding or trailing spaces or any other characters in the net.customware.confluence.plugin.linking string.

You can find the log file here: <confluence-installation>/home/logs/atlassian-confluence.log

Removing the Debug Entry

After saving the log file, if you want to disable the logging:

  1. Return to the Logging and Profiling screen (navigation is mentioned in the list above).

  2. Locate the net.customware.confluence.plugin.linking entry.

  3. Choose Remove.