How to export and import polls data from one Confluence instance to another?

This article explains how to export and import Polls data from one Confluence instance to another for the Polls for Confluence app.


Poll data in Confluence is not limited to any specific space and is accessible globally across the instance. Thus, the standard space export/import operations do not include poll data. However, there are two scenarios in which you can export/import poll data:

Migrate entirely to another instance

If you want to fully migrate to another Confluence instance, do the following:

  1. Go to Administration > Backup & Restore > Export this site > Export to backup Confluence data from the source instance to a file.

  2. In the destination Confluence instance,

    1. Install the Polls for Confluence app.

    2. To import a backup file, go to Administration > Backup & Restore > Import Confluence data, choose the archived file, and click Upload and Import.

You now have all the app data in the destination Confluence instance.

Migrate data partially

If you do not want to migrate the whole Confluence instance data and move Polls for Confluence app data, you can follow these steps:

  • In the source Confluence instance, dump the data of the following tables:




  • In the destination Confluence instance:

    1. Install the Polls for Confluence app.

    2. Update the license for the app.

    3. Restore the date of dumped tables.

Now, all the app data is imported into the destination instance.

  • Ensure to have a backup of the database before proceeding.

  • Test the app data migration in a staging environment before moving to the production instance.

  • Ensure having administrative privileges on the source and destination instances.