MultiExcerpt - Server/Data Center - 5.6.5

MultiExcerpt version 5.6.5 introduces global admin configuration settings to control timeouts and maximum number of results for “Find Includes” operations

“Find Includes” Timeout and Max Results

The “Find Includes” buttons are available for the MultiExcerpt macro. They are used when the page is in edit mode, when editing the MultiExcerpt macro. They find the pages that have MultiExcerpt Include macros that include the given MultiExcerpt macro.

The “Find Includes” buttons allow a user to figure out if anyone is using their MultiExcerpt in a MultiExcerpt Includes. The buttons also provide a convenient way for a user to navigate to some page that is including their MultiExcerpt via a MultiExcerpt Include so that they can verify everything looks good in the include scenario.

This release introduces some new global admin configuration settings that are used to limit CPU usage by the “Find Includes” feature. In most use-cases there is no need to find every single page in your space that uses a given MultiExcerpt so it is a good idea to keep the timeout at a reasonable setting and to keep the max results to the lowest number you feel is usable for your use-cases.


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