Copy Page Tree - Server/Data Center - 2.6.28

Copy Page Tree version 2.6.28 introduces a scheduled job used to clean up old DB entries used to track status of long running tasks for copy/delete operations.  This saves DB space.  ​


“Copy Page Tree Task Status Cleanup” Scheduled Job

The scheduled job is named “Copy Page Tree Task Status Cleanup”

It can be manually run at any time via the Confluence admin tools for “Scheduled Jobs”scheduled job and it is scheduled to run automatically once per day. The schedule can be edited by an admin user if desired.

The job deletes old task status entities that are older than 10 days old.

The DB tables that get cleaned up by this job are:




Optionally, you can enable INFO level logging for the java package com.imaginarymachines.confluence.plugins.tree.entity.admin in the Confluence admin tools for “Logging and Profiling”. When INFO level logging is enabled, you will see entries like this when the scheduled job runs (if it finds old data that needs to be cleaned up):

2021-11-03 22:07:49,945 INFO [Caesium-1-4] [tree.entity.admin.CopyPageTreeTaskStatusCleanupJob] deleteOldEntities Deleting 266 old CopyTaskEntity entities 2021-11-03 22:07:50,260 INFO [Caesium-1-4] [tree.entity.admin.CopyPageTreeTaskStatusCleanupJob] deleteOldEntities Deleting 277 old DeleteTaskEntity entities

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