Copy the existing templates into your new project space.


To begin a new project, copy the provided templates into your project space.


The following steps demonstrate how to create a copy of templates into your project space using Copy page tree features:


Step 1

As a Confluence user

  1. Navigate to the parent page of the existing contract.

  2. Click the ellipse button.

  3. Select the Copy page tree. The Copy page tree app is displayed.


Step 2

Refine the page titles

  1. Specify the Space and Parent Page of the destination space from the drop-down menu.

    NOTE If you choose, you can modify the title's prefix. In this case, we are copying the pages to a new space and there are no conflicting page names, therefore we leave the prefix parameter blank.

  2. Click the icon to expand the levels of the pages.

  3. Once you have entered the required information, click Copy page tree button. A confirmation page with the progress bar is displayed.



Step 3

Publish the new contract

When the copy process is complete the success message is displayed, then click Go to New Page. The destination page tree is displayed.