Data Center Compatibility: Survey & Vote

When do I need to have a Data Center license for your apps?

Our license checks are designed to NOT cut off Server customers who transition from Server to Data Center.

If a Server license was purchased before or during the grace period then that license will work on Data Center until the end of the grace period.

The grace period is 90 days after Data Center support is announced for an app.

A Server license used on a Data Center instance will need to upgrade to a Data Center license after the grace period ends. In that case, the remaining time on the Server license will be credited towards the Data Center license.

Customers with Server licenses on a Data Center instance who go past the grace period will still be able to view their data but are encouraged to update their license.

Pertinent section of Atlassian Documentation as of 6/1/2020

The following information reflects guidance and directives from Atlassian to customers and vendors.

If you purchased our server app prior to September 3, 2019

Your Survey and Vote App will work on Data Center with a Server license without license errors if you are on Survey and Vote 2.6.16 or earlier, available here

If you purchased our server App after the release of the data center app August 05, 2020

A notice went out via email on August 05, 2020, letting you know that the data center version was now available. To use the most up-to-date version of the App you will need to purchase a Data Center license. 

What will happen for a Survey and Vote (after 3.0.1) Server license on Data Center? And after the end of the Grace period on November 2nd, 2020?

You will be unable to upgrade Survey and Vote. The Universal Package Manager (UPM) in the Manage Apps tool will tell you that. For example:

You will also, see a notification in the App to upgrade it to Data Center. Additionally, any active Surveys or Voting will be locked so that no more responses can be input. You will not lose any Data but some functionally will be put on hold until you purchase the correct version.

How to downgrade to 3.0.1 from a newer version

You can choose to use an older version of the App until you are ready to upgrade. Keep in mind you will not have all the newest features and bug fixes of the App. 
How to upload an older version of our App

Resolved bugs and released features that you will be missing out on if you downgrade your version. 

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