Planning Poker

Welcome to Planning Poker for Jira!

Top-rated Planning Poker app that facilitates agile team discussion aimed at reaching accurate and consensus-based estimations. Thanks to native Jira integration, teams can easily select game backlog, invite participants, view and edit issue details and comments during the poker session, and save their estimates for the selected Jira fields.

  • Seamless integration

  • Real-time estimation

  • Async mode

  • Intuitive game setup

  • Private, unbiased voting

  • Dark mode (Cloud)

Here is a quick overview of Planning Poker:

The app provides a set of tools to support teams during a consensus-based game, including an intuitive setup with advanced settings, reference issues, quick issue details and actions, and more.

How does the game work?

The general idea of Planning Poker is that after a period of discussion, each participant chooses from his own deck the numbered card that represents his estimate of how much work is involved in the story under discussion.

All estimates are kept private until each participant has chosen a card. Then all estimates are revealed, and discussion can begin again.

This is all done inside the user’s Jira project. If you’re interested in trying out Planning Poker for Jira, check out this article to get instructions on how to install the app.