Intro to OKR for Jira

Welcome to OKR for Jira!

Trusted by 1,500+ companies such as HP and Intersport, OKR for Jira streamlines the integration of the Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) framework into organizational workflows.

Tailored for C-level executives, managers, and team leaders, it allows you to create objectives with flexible nesting levels that reflect your organization's priorities.

Simply create your objectives, add key results, and connect them to Jira issues. This way, you can automatically track progress toward your goals and provide everyone with a clear path to success.

Daily Work in OKR for Jira

A quick review of OKR for Jira’s main components:

Effortlessly Create and Manage OKRs

Create and track an unlimited number of OKRs in Jira without any external tools. No need to juggle separate platforms, maximizing efficiency and minimizing disruption.

On the Tree view screen, you can easily create hierarchies.

OKR for Jira can automatically update the progress of objectives and key results based on the status of Jira tasks.

Gain a Holistic View with the OKR Overview Board

The OKR Overview Board provides a holistic view of your company's OKRs in a hierarchical structure, allowing you to see how smaller goals contribute to larger ones. You can even view linked Jira issues alongside your OKRs, gaining instant insights into how daily tasks contribute to overall progress.

Unveil the Connections with the OKR Hierarchy View

Think of the OKR hierarchy as a family tree for your company's goals. It shows how big, ambitious goals (like the company vision) break down into smaller, more achievable steps taken by different teams. The Hierarchy View allows everyone to see how their work contributes to the bigger picture.


Track Progress with the OKR Timeline View:

The Timeline view shows the progress of OKRs over time. Gain valuable insights by monitoring the evolution of your OKRs over time. Identify trends, pinpoint areas of success, and adjust strategies as needed.