Numbered Headings

The Numbered Headings app allows you to automatically number the headings and subheadings in pages or entire spaces.

By having them numbered automatically you can save time, have a better format, a clear structure and reduce the amount of work required to manually number your headings. It also offers users a selection of numbering formats in addition to different ways to number headings (page, macro, and space).


  • Numbering button: Improve productivity by automatically numbering headings with a click of a button:  

    • Page numbering

    • Space numbering

  • Different formatting options: Use different numbering formats based on what works best for you.

  • Customize number headings: You can start at a given number, skip headings, and do a lot more.

  • Macro numbering: Number the part or section differently than the other sections of the page.

  • Export: No formatting is lost when you export numbered headings

  • Table of Content compatibility: The Table of Content entries are numbered in accordance with the Headings used throughout the text.


More Information

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