MultiExcerpt is a tool that allows you to reuse content across pages and spaces from a single source. Reusing content is a valuable strategy to create and manage a variety of documents. It can help you to save time, ensure consistency, and improve the overall efficiency of document creation and management processes.



  • Integrate information from several sources within one document (e.g. newsletter, project reports, Q&As, legal requirements, salary and benefits details)

  • The content can be shown inline with the document or in blocks that can be resized with ease.

  • The excerpts have the ability to include various forms of content, such as tables, images, text boxes, and videos, which will be accurately displayed.

  • Synchronize content through the source page of the excerpt, and establish a unified and trustworthy source of information. This automated process ensures that the data is consistently reliable and up-to-date.

  • Quickly reuse content by combining multiple excerpts onto a single Confluence page. It's simple to distribute information from one location to different pages and spaces.

  • Create variables in the source macro to customize the content according to your needs easily.

  • Cloud

  • Server

  • Migration from Server to Cloud;!!Arz0ZkbI!HP1sDOfImlDxxtCxjmHisnXmc1P4c8bcNINkqRXf45nmWq_ZVuuYLc74VyYCAJIPB5kGQ4o6vyUwjuv0YAN2umTinXS5rjM$


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