LaTeX Math Block Macro (Server/DC)

This macro is designed to execute the LaTeX equation math mode. The output is displayed on its line with the selected horizontal alignment.

To work with LaTeX Math Block, you must install the LaTeX Math application. For more information, see Installation.

Limitation with

The macro does not render mathematical content properly if any of the LaTeX Math app macros are present on the same page. This occurs due to the different versions of the MathJax library used by both the apps.


The following table provides you with a description of every parameter in the LaTex Math Editor:


Parameter Name



Parameter Name




You can enter the syntax in the latex-formatted math in the Syntax box, and the preview is generated in the Equation box.



This box displays a preview of the equation you entered in the Syntax box.
You can also directly edit the equation in this box, which is reflected in the Syntax box.


Most Used

This section contains the most used formulas from a particular subject/field.
You can simply click on the required formulas/equations, which will appear on the Syntax and Equation boxes.


Search box

Use the search box to search for any latex commands.


Align left

Align the equation to the left.


Align center

Align the equation to the center.


Align right

Align the equation to the right.



Reverse the typing action that you made recently.



Repeat the typing action that you made recently.


Anchor name

Give a name to the equation so you can refer to this equation on different pages using the LaTeX Math Block Reference macro.

  • You must specify Anchor to use the equation as a reference on any other page or in the existing page.

  • The Math Block macro supports numbering. When you specify Anchor, numbering is enabled.

  • To change parameter configuration, refer to Configuration.



This option will direct you to our detailed help documentation.



Click Save to insert the macro along with the change you made on your page.



Click Cancel to close the macro window without saving.

Creating LaTeX Math Block Macro

To create a LaTeX Math Block, perform the following steps:

  1. Create a new page or Edit where you want to insert an equation.

  2. Click the + icon and search for the LaTeX Math Block macro.

Alternatively, type { latex in your page to display a list of LaTex macro suggestions. You can select the LaTeX Math Block macro.

  1. Select LaTeX Math Block from the list. The LaTeX Math Block Macro window is displayed.

  2. Type the syntax in the LaTex formatted math in the Syntax box. For more information, see the Parameters section.

  3. Click Save/Insert.

Editing LaTeX Math Block Macro

To edit a LaTeX Math Block, perform the following:

  1. Select the block and click Edit. The LaTeX Math Block Macro window is displayed.

  2. You can change any of the parameters as required and then click the Save button.

Deleting LaTeX Math Block Macro

To delete a LaTeX Math Block, select the block and click the Remove button.