LaTeX Macro (Server/DC)


To work with LaTeX, you must install the LaTeX Math application. For more information, see Installation.

You must check the Show latex macro in the macro browser in the LaTeX Math configuration settings. For more information, refer to Configuration.

To work with this macro you require an external renderer, hence you must first configure External Render.

This page provides you with information about the following articles:



The following table provides you with a description of the parameters:

Parameter Name




Parameter Name





Enter the LaTeX.

You can paste AsciiMath or MathML to have it converted to Latex automatically.

Raw LaTeX markup


Check this box to ignore the LaTeX header and footer defined in the configuration settings. For more information, refer Configuration.

To change parameter configuration, refer Configuration.


Creating ‘LaTeX’ Macro

To create a LaTeX, Perform the following steps:

  1. Create a new page or go to Edit the page where you want create an equation.

2. Click the + icon. Search for the LaTeX macro.

3. Select LaTeX and click Insert. The Insert 'LaTeX' Macro window is displayed.


(or) you can type { latex, the list with latex macro suggestions is displayed, and you can select the LaTeX macro.

4. Enter the following details and click Insert.

a. Enter the equation in the box.

b. (Optional) Raw LaTeX markup


Editing ‘LaTeX’ Macro

To edit a LaTeX perform the following:

You must be in the Edit mode to edit a macro block.

  1. Select the block and click Edit. The Edit LaTeX' Macro window is displayed.

2. You can change any of the parameters that you want to change and then click the Save button.


Deleting ‘LaTeX’ Macro

To delete a LaTeX, select the block and click Remove button. The block is deleted.

You must be in the Edit mode to delete a macro block.


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