How to Get Started

The LaTeX Math Get Started option makes it simple for first-time users to understand and operate our LaTeX Math app. You can quickly navigate through the functionality of our app and use it right away. Once you install the LaTeX Math app you will be notified with the Get Started option. Click the Get Started button and the Get Started page is displayed.

Also, you can access the Get Started page by the following path:

  • Go to Apps > LaTeX Math

  • Go to Manage apps > LaTeX Math > Get Started.

The Get Started page has the following sections:

Getting Started

This section of the page has the following buttons:

  1. Getting Started: To get started with the app, perform the following:

    1. Click the Get Started button.

    2. Search for the page where you want to add the LaTeX equation.

    3. Click Start. The selected page is displayed.

  2. Documentation: To explore more, click this button to go to our app's documentation page.

Interactive demo

This demo will walk you through the app’s functionality and makes it simpler for you to begin using the app. You can quickly navigate through the demonstration and get started by simply clicking and following the pointer.

Check out these use cases, these use cases will provide you with an overview of how to work with our apps.

Resources support and feedback

This section of the page will provide you with the helpful links that you might need.