What's New in Power Custom Fields® 4.0

Power Custom Fields® 4.0.0 now benefits from all the goodies that KATL-Commons v.4.0 and Power Scripts™ for Jira v4.0 bring and therefore there are major changes in this app as well. These changes include but are not limited to:

  1. You are now free to use in Power Custom Fields® datasources that you defined at the KATL-Commons level.
  2. The editor has been changed and improved.
  3. Additional tables that we used have now migrated to the Atlassian Active Objects standard mechanism. This means no more taking an extra step at restores (previously you had to install the app before restoring). Old tables are migrated and after that, deleted automatically from the Jira database.
  4. SIL® has received performance boost and we are excited for you to see it in action.

Power Custom Fields® 4.0.0 lays out a foundation for future enhancements, so stay tuned for further enhancements.