User Is In Any Users Condition

This is the documentation of JSU for Jira Cloud. If you are using JSU on Jira Server or on Jira Data Center, see the Server/Data Center documentation.


The User Is In Any Users condition verifies that the current user is one of the selected users.


You must specify the allowed user(s) when configuring the condition. If you add this condition without specifying a user, no one will be able to perform the transition.

User Is In Any Users condition Allowed Users selection dropdown with a sample name selected

Use cases

Enforce automations

A workflow is configured so the transition has the User Is In Any User check set to jsu-technical-user only. This is a user account that is not assigned to a person but is used for all sorts of automations. It has more permissions than normal users, so automations can be used to perform actions that would be restricted for normal users. A normal user viewing an issue in that workflow will not see the transition.

You can use this to hide a transition that will be triggered by a 'perform as user' (impersonate) post function. You would also configure jsu-technical-user as the 'perform as user' in the post function.

Supervisors or managers

You can restrict some transitions in your workflow to supervisors or managers. You can also consider other conditions like ‘User Is In Any Groups’ condition or ‘User Is In Any Roles’ condition.