Extended Search

Extended Search allows you to search through your Jira instance using JQL with additional functions. There are many occasions when standard Jira search is too limiting. Follow the next section to learn how to use Extended search.


  1. In the top bar in Jira, select Apps > JQL Search Extensions. The Extended Search page is displayed in a new tab.

  2. In the query input field, type a JQL query and press Search or hit Enter.

You can use additional functions provided by JQL Search Extensions. For example, to find all issues with a summary starting with “Hello”, type issue in wildcardMatch("summary", "Hello*").

You can save your Extended Search query as a Jira filter. After you perform your search, click Save the query as a filter.

See Extended Search filters to learn more about using and sharing filters.

JQL functions

Here is a full list of JQL functions and keywords that you can use in Extended Search.

Permissions and feature availability

The Extended Search page is available through the global permission that controls the visibility of Extended Search feature. By default, this permission is granted to all Jira users.