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The JIRA CLI provides various support around cloning issues. A number of techniques are used to provide this capability to cover the variety of use cases in this area. However, this broad support of scenarios make the description of the support and associated dependencies more complex. This page is provided to help describe this support.

Starting with Release 5.7, we have completed a transition to move all cloning to the Advanced Clone support with the exception of Clone Plus specific requests. This provides standardized and consistent processing and improved quality. Another reason is to provide better cloning support for Cloud.

Incompatibility with automatic linking

Using native cloning does NOT automatically link the issues with the Cloners link like the UI does. You need to specifically add the link parameter or do later with a linkIssue action. This means that as we convert more use cases to use native cloning the behavior will change. Example: add –link Cloners to the action.

Actions for Cloning

Cloning Scenarios

The scenario the CLI uses depends on the parameters provided on the action.

Cloning Considerations

Recommend using autoVersion and autoComponent

When cloning issues to another project, the clone will fail if the target project does not contain versions or components referenced on issues. autoVersion and autoComponent parameters will guard against that. Alternatively, when cloning a project, you can use copyVersions and copyComponents.

Examples Using Clone Plus

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