Searching for panorama issues and using search in the dashboard gadgets


Jira offers a powerful search engine based on JQL (Jira Query Language), allowing users to search for issues that match a specific criteria. Over the years JQL become a standard in various places like dashboard gadgets, REST API based integrations and apps.

Panorama adds an extension to JQL that allows you to search for issues that are present in the given panorama or even a specific directory inside of a panorama.

Searching for issues of a panorama

To search for issues that are present in a panorama there is an alias called "panorama" that will react to the name of your panorama. For example, if you have a panorama named "Blue Mountain Coffee House Launch" and you want to search for all the issues that are present in your panorama, simply run the following query:
panorama = "Blue Mountain Coffee House Launch"


Jira advanced search with a JQL query that looks for given panorama’s issues

Searching for issues of directory

Your Blue Mountain Coffee House Launch panorama may contain many issues but is internally divided to several directories, like this:


So if you are interested only in searching the issues from the Support directory, then you can use another alias called panoramaDirectory. It will search for the issues from the “Blue Mountain Coffee House Launch” panorama that are inside the directory named Support:


Jira advanced search with a JQL query that looks for issues inside a certain folder in a certain panorama


Notice the combination of both aliases panorama = "Blue Mountain Coffee" and panoramaDirectory = "Support". If we would use only panoramaDirectory = "Support", we will find all the issues that are under such directory. It may happen that there are more than single panorama with directory called Support which as a result will return issues from multiple panoramas.

Using search in gadgets

Additionally to various views that panorama offers on its own, you can use search aliases to combine panorama hierarchy abilities with Jira dashboards. By using the ability to search for issues of a given panorama (or even a specific directory) you easily create a Pie Chart gadget that will display a chart with distribution of priorities, issue types, etc. of the issues inside a panorama.


Jira dashboard gadets with information from Panorama




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