Visio for Confluence


Display Visio diagrams on a Confluence page. By default, this uses IE Visio viewer on Internet Explorer (IE) or browsers supporting IE tab. The IE Visio viewer browser control is required and will be installed on first use based on user acceptance. The user's browser security settings must allow this type of content.

Displays a converted image when IE rendering is not available provided a conversion program is installed on the Confluence server. If the conversion program is not available, an error message is displayed.


  1. Visio diagrams can be an attachment or a file on the file system.
  2. Advanced Visio control parameters can be specified.
  3. Automatic conversion to SVG occurs when IE rendering is not available.
  4. Output type can be specified
    • best - automatically shows the best output type based on the browser's capabilities
    • visio - Visio view control is used
    • svg - shows a converted image


  • For direct Visio display via the IE Visio viewer, Internet Explorer (IE) or a browser that supports Window's IE tab is required. The IE Visio viewer browser control is installed on first use depending on user acceptance.
  • For conversion support, a conversion program must be installed on the Confluence server. See How to install SVG conversion support.

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