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Comala Document Control is Data Center-compatible

Add Reviews, Approvals and Workflows to Your Confluence documents

With Comala Document Control you can use review and approval processes to ensure your Confluence documents are validated before publishing.

Assign reviewers, check the approval status of your spaces, and get access to approval reports.

Assign reviewers for approving your documents

Use simple approvals or more advanced workflows to assign approvers to your documents, ensuring that the content is reviewed and signed-off

View approved documents, or review those pending approval

Users with View-only permission will only see the most recently published version of your documents

Use Workflow Builder to modify your workflows

An easier way to understand and communicate with your team the documentation life-cycles within your organization, or when starting a new project with a customer or stakeholder

  • visualize the process for each of the included workflows

  • add custom state names and colors for states

Add Approvals with an e-signature for compliance

Combine approvals with e-signatures for assigned reviewers when you use our Quality Management System workflow. Choose to authenticate reviewers:

Using their Confluence credentials

 Using a time-based signing token

Add Read Confirmation

Assign users as readers of content and request read confirmation

And Much More...!

Use the workflows picker to choose a page or space workflow (even filter based on content labels) that suits your team's document approval process

Review the status of your pages using the in-app reporting tools, embed reports in your team pages with included report macros, apply filters, or search directly in Confluence with CQL fields

Let space admins set the due dates or users and groups that need to approve the content, and initialize all pages in a space to the same state

Powerful configuration: page updates reset approvals, control in which spaces workflows can be defined and much more!

Configure the default notifications for workflow events