Changing Between Different Apps in the Comala Document Management Family

You can switch between different apps in the Comala Document Management family if your needs change


On a data center/ server instance, only one app from the Comala Document Management Family of apps should be installed and enabled at any one time.

  • to change between different products please uninstall your existing app and then install the new one

Please keep the following in mind when switching between apps

Data Center

The following releases and later are all data center-only releases.

In these Data Center Only releases Page Activity is replaced with our all-new Document Activity capability.

In each data center-only app, you need to upgrade your workflow data from page activity history of workflow events and actions on each page in any existing spaces to access the Document Activity capabilities. New spaces created after installing the data center-only app automatically use document activity.

Before these releases, app releases were data center and server compatible. Subsequent app releases for server-only maintenance updates and critical bug fixes occurred up to the Atlassian End of Life for Confluence Server on Feb 15, 2024.

History and Settings

On the Server/Data Center platform

  • the workflow history (page activity in server and legacy spaces in data center; document activity in data center) created with the previous app is retained and is visible in the new app

  • if a global or space-level setting applies in the new application it generally keeps the same value as it had in the previous app

In Cloud only one app should be installed and enabled (otherwise you may experience errors such as multiple workflow byline breadcrumbs displayed on a page).

  • workflow events and activity (document activity) for each page is not retained in Cloud when installing a different Comala Document Management app. The document activity cannot be exported or imported to the page and displayed with the newly installed app

  • if previous workflow history is required for audit, it must be backed up prior to uninstalling the existing app and installing the new app

Workflow Changes

  • If you are moving to a product with more features (Comala Document Approval → Comala Document Control → Comala Document Management), the workflows that were previously applied to your spaces and pages are still active for the newly installed app

  • If you are moving to a product with fewer features (Comala Document Management → Comala Document Control → Comala Document Approval), previously active workflows on pages or across a space are no longer active in the newly installed app.  You must use the workflow(s) that are included with the product that is installed.


  • changing to a new product requires the purchase of a new license/subscription

  • app licenses are not transferable to a different platform (when moving from server to cloud or server to data center for example)

A trial license can be generated from the Atlassian Marketplace.

Migration from server to cloud

If you are migrating from server to cloud, due to limitations in Atlassian Confluence Cloud the history of workflow events and actions on a page is not currently retained in the migration. However, before migration, you can run the space Attach Activity utility that attaches the current workflow events and actions history for a page as a CSV file attachment to the page. This attachment is included in the migration.

If you are migrating from server to cloud, there is a range of helpful information in our migrating Comala Document Management to cloud resources.

If you need further help contact our support team or raise a support ticket.