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The Atlassian Command Line Interface (CLI) supports a large range of product releases. The matrix below provides compatibility guidelines based on testing, API compatibility information provided by Atlassian, and community feedback. User's are encourage to help improve compatibility information through discussions and issues. The CLI also works with releases not officially listed here since in many cases it uses remote APIs provided by Atlassian that have been stable for many years. Check previous versions of the CLI for coverage of earlier releases. Users should verify their usage scenarios on new releases. Support normally is limited to minimum releases indicated. Client requires at least Java 8 (1.8) and we test with both Java 8 and 11. In some cases, new actions are only available on later versions of the server - these are often noted in the documentation or in error messages.

To simplify the matrix, we no longer list much older releases even though there is some level of compatibility for these as well. Refer to earlier compatibility notes for information on older releases.

See also Compatibility for overall information on supported Atlassian releases.

CLI Clients and Connectors



columnAttributesstyle=background-color: #F0F0F0;
Product, Releases, Tested releases
Confluence, "(/) 6.13 - 6.15, 7.0 - 7.11, Data Center, Cloud", "6.13.0, 7.10.0, 7.11.0, Data Center, Cloud"
Jira, "(/) 8.0 - 8.15, Data Center, Cloud", "8.0.3, 8.14.0, 8.15.0, Data Center, Cloud"
Bamboo, "(/) 6.9 - 6.10, 7.0 - 7.2", "6.9.1, 7.2.0"
Bitbucket, "(/) 6.1 - 6.10, 7.0 - 7.10, Data Center, Cloud", "6.1.1, 7.8.0, 7.10.0, Data Center, Cloud"
Slack,  "(/) Cloud", "Cloud"
Trello, "(/) Cloud", "Cloud"
  • (tick) Jira Service Desk releases compatible with corresponding Jira releases.
  • (tick) 3rd-party apps - like Tempo for instance: We don't explicitly list application versions, but normally test against a recent release of the app that is compatible with the platform it runs on.
  • (tick) Data Center is normally tested on the supported enterprise release designated by Atlassian.

Script Compatibility Warnings for 9.3 and higher

  • JSON output changes - ACLI-1438 and ACLI-1453
  • getIssue action - new project name field added to all output formats - see ACLI-1215
  • findReplace parameter - no longer supports comma separated values - see ACLI-917

Run CLI Apps

Apps install and run on an Atlassian application server.

columnAttributesstyle=background-color: #F0F0F0;
App, App installs on releases, Tested releases
[CCLI:],  "Confluence 6.13 - 6.15, 7.0 - 7.11, Data Center", "6.13.0, 7.10.0, 7.11.0, Data Center"
[JCLIP:], "Jira 8.0 - 8.15, Data Center", "8.0.3, 8.14.0, 8.15.0, Data Center"
[BCLIP:], "Bamboo 6.9 - 6.10, 7.0 - 7.2", "6.9.1, 7.2.0"

Atlassian App Compatibility

The Atlassian CLI supports a number of different Atlassian apps like Jira Software, Service Desk, and Confluence Questions. We only test and support the most current maintenance release of the apps available for the respective Atlassian application.

Atlassian Incompatibilities

The CLI clients always try to maintain upward compatibility between releases. However, in some cases this is not possible. Occasionally server differences may cause some compatibility issues.