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Release Date2023-11-10


  • Improvements to the ACLI Shell - a terminal app! This is the new look for the ACLI!
    • UI improvements and fixes
    • Major improvements in item columns support
    • Support latest API improvements 
    • Improved reference documentation
  • Confluence
    • Suggestions for columns parameter in Shell 
    • CSV as export type for space export on Cloud
    • Shell code completion support for columns parameter on list actions
  • Bitbucket
    • Repository action improvements
    • Set and retrieve project default permissions
    • Support REPO_CREATE permission on grant and revoke actions
    • Improve shell prompting support for project, repository, and permission actions
  • Bamboo
    • Test and support Bamboo 9.4 - important to use this release for 9.4!!!
  • General
    • Update apps to latest Oracle GraalVM version which includes performance improvements
  • Internal maintenance and support improvement
    • Updated libraries and dependencies
  • Fixes
    • Including a critical fix for Confluence Cloud for the exportSpace action due to a recent platform change

We have released a number of educational slide shows covering different topics for the ACLI.
ACLI Slide Shows