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This version, released on , includes the following changes:

Scripted Condition and Scripted Validator Improvements

The ‘Scripted (Groovy) Condition’ and ‘Scripted (Groovy) Validator’ extensions have been renamed to Build-your-own Condition and Build-your-own Validator. Additionally, they both now include No Code options for building flexible and powerful conditions and validations into your workflows. The No Code option includes configurations that will generate a Groovy script for you - that script can be used as-is, or copied and further customized!

See these pages for more information:

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JMWE Has a New Logo!

In a continuing effort to unify the entirety of Appfire’s products, JMWE has a new logo! You’ll see this new look throughout the JMWE app (and this is just a taste of what’s to come!).

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Other Improvements

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This release includes other updates and improvements:

  • You can now enable and disable extensions from within the Transition editor! See Workflow Extensions for more information.

  • Scheduled actions can now be scheduled in your own timezone.

  • Scheduled Actions and Event-based Actions now include information on when the Action was enabled or disabled. Hover over the toggle for a tooltip detailing when the Action was enabled or disabled, and by which user.

  • The ‘Remove source values’ option for the Copy issue fields and Set issue fields post-functions now support single value fields.

  • Support links for documentation and support requests have been moved to a new menu beside the JMWE logo (pictured, right).

Bug fixes

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