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Working with numerous tasks and large teams can be challenging, but the App can help you with assigning tasks and propose the best-suited assignee based on the following:

  • Resource's (Individual or Team) Skillset - Skills weigh most in the algorithm, approx.—70%.

  • Remaining Capacity -  Remaining Capacity weighs the remaining 30%.

Finding a perfect match image-20240305-145752.pngImage Added also works when a user is not assigned to any team. In such a case, the availability is assumed to be 100%.

For best results, define the Required Skills to complete a Task on the Jira issue detail page.

Find perfect match

  1. Click on the task that you want to assign; a dialog with task details will appear:


When you enable the Skill panel, the 'Required skill' section will appear in the dialog.


  1. Click on the 'Shooting target'


  1. image-20240305-151335.pngImage Addednext to the Individual


  1. . The App will propose the perfect match.




Tasks assigned to both individual and a team that the individual is not a part of will be marked in yellow, and you will see a warning informing you about the steps to be performed.


  • Resources matching is cut off after the fifth-best one (the linear regression – statistical modeling – is used to determine the list of five).

  • You can assign both Individuals and Teams using this feature.

  • The five best candidates assignees are proposed based on:

    • skills required to complete a task,

    • skills that an individual or team members have,

    • the remaining capacity of resources – individuals or teams. The remaining capacity is calculated depending on the mode that has been selected in the Resources module, namely Original estimate, Remaining estimate, or Story Points.

  • Skills weigh the most in the algorithm (approx. 70%), but the remaining capacity is important, too (30%).

  • If you don’t manage skills in Jira, then the Remaining Capacity is the only contributing factor.

  • The Remaining Capacity can be expressed as a time period or story points.

  • You can always reassign a task to another individual/team.