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Before using SIL Script Custom Field, see Simple Issue Language documentation for a better grasp of SIL usage and capabilities.

Configuring PCF - SIL Script custom field

  1. After you create the field, click the Configure link for this field. You will see the page like the following example:

  2. Click the Edit SIL Script link to see the SIL editor.

  3. Click Save, and the script is associated with the current custom field.

  4. The value returned by the script will be the value of the custom field.


The script is read-only. Please keep the following in mind:

  • You must avoid changing any issue values in the script. In fact, you can change the issue variables but they will not be changed (issue will not be saved). However, routines may have side effects.
  • This field only appears on the View screen of an issue or as a column in a JQL search

Thread Local Caching


If you are not fully aware of what this implies, we recommend that you leave the option off.