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11 Dec 2019

Botron team is happy to announce the release of Power Admin 1.5.0!

Upgrading to Power Admin 1.5.0 is free for all customers.


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Updates and Resolved Issues


We've expanded Power Admin's capabilities with support for projects - search, analyze usage, review projects' key history, and perform actions on projects.

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  • Bug fixes

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Search, analyze usage and perform actions on projects

We've expanded Power Admin's search capabilities! Now, if you open your Power Admin, you can browse all your projects by name, current or previous keys, or id. You can also use a selection of additional filters to search for projects by type, category, or lead. In this way, you can quickly find the projects you need.

Full documentation

Project usage and actions

Complete project information and list of dependent agile boards, filters, and dashboards are available to you. You can also safely rename projects, and as a result, we will update all dependent configuration elements with the new name. Export of all the project's dependent agile boards, filters, and dashboards is also an available action.


You can review the locations of project usage.

Key history

On top of that, you can view the history of keys used by your project.

More improvements and bug fixes will be coming soon! Thanks!

Submit your suggestions for improvements to Botron Support Portal. We value your feedback!