How to troubleshoot the discrepancies in Work log reports in Reports and Timesheets for Jira App

Problem Summary

This article provides steps to troubleshoot worklog entry discrepancies for specific users in Reports and Timesheets for Jira reports compared to the entries in the Worklog tab under the Activity section of a Jira issue.

Identifying the Problem

Differences in worklog entries between the Worklog Tab and Reports and Timesheets reports can occur for various reasons, including caching, data synchronization issues, or incorrect report configurations.

Troubleshooting Steps

  1. Verify Browser and Cache Settings:

    • Attempt to access the reports using different browsers and incognito mode to rule out browser caching issues.

    • Clear the browser cache and cookies and retry accessing the reports.

  2. Check App Configuration:

    • Ensure that there are no discrepancies in the report configurations. Confirm that all filters and settings are correctly applied across the reports.

  3. Data Synchronization:

    • In Jira Data Center (DC) environments, check if all nodes are properly synchronized. Discrepancies can occur if nodes are out of sync.

    • Access the reports directly using node IP addresses to verify data consistency across nodes.

  4. Review Application Logs:

    • Check the Jira logs → atlassian-jira.log, catalina.out for errors or warnings related to the timesheet and reporting functionalities.

    • Examine the JQL query within the HAR file while executing the report. Extract the JQL from the file and run it in the Issue Navigator to confirm whether it returns the anticipated issues.


      Tip: Filter the Time entry user to narrow the results to the problematic user.

    • If the results returned match those from the Issue Navigator, note that the app fetches the data through the Jira API, hence the results. In this case, the user must contact Atlassian support to understand why the Issue Navigator results and the results from the Worklog Tab under the Activity section are different.


  5. Re-index Jira:

    • Perform a full re-index of your Jira instance to ensure all data is correctly indexed. This can resolve issues related to data fetching and display. Consult with Atlassian before performing the indexing.

    • Always back up your Jira instance before performing a re-index, especially in production environments.

Advanced Steps

  • Ensure compliance with Jira's database handling best practices to prevent direct modifications that could impact system integrity.