FAQs: Advanced Tables for Confluence App


This document answers queries regarding migrating the app Advanced Tables for Confluence from the Data Center to the Cloud.


Log in as Confluence Admin → Settings → Administration → Macro usage. The other option is to use Confluence Advanced Search to find the pages where a particular macro is used.

Here are the features that are currently not available in the Cloud:

  1. Export to PDF or Word: You can export the Confluence page to Word/PDF, but the styling won't be exported. For example, consider Table Plus macro, when you export the Confluence Page to PDF, the table will be exported but the styles/colors won't be exported. Note: Exporting the CSV/JSON tab to Word or PDF is not possible.

  2. Jira Issue/Filter macro in Advanced Tables macros: This macro is not currently available in the cloud, but we are working on something that will enable it.

  3. Page Properties Report macro in Advanced Tables macros: In the Cloud version, "nested tables" are not possible, but Atlassian recently released a feature for Confluence called "Table Extensibility." This feature is the closest to the "Nested tables" server functionality. We intend to work on including this functionality in the future.

  4. Using customized CSS for tables in macros: It is currently possible to include elements in rows and columns based on CSS. The process is tedious, but it is feasible.

  5. Preview in the macro editor: We have four macros in the cloud, none of which have a preview like in the Server. We plan to work on this in the future.

As per the documentation, the details of the other features have been updated, but Confluence Cloud doesn't support them. You can refer to https://appfire.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/TBL/pages/74814073.

You must manually create the server/DC profiles in the cloud using the same profile name. Once these profiles are created in the cloud, Advanced Tables for the Confluence Cloud app shows data for macros that use profiles.

Please refer to Key differences between Confluence Server and Confluence Cloud versions - 8. x to know the difference between the Advance table plugin for Data Center and Cloud.

Perform the following to uninstall the app:

  1. Navigate to Settings > ATLASSIAN MARKETPLACE > Manage apps.

  2. Locate the required app using search.

  3. Select the resulting app to view the respective details in an expanded pane.

  4. Click Uninstall. A confirmation dialog box is displayed.

  5. Click Uninstall app to confirm. A successful uninstall message is displayed once the app is uninstalled.

Please refer to this document to understand the procedure for uninstallation this app: https://appfire.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/TBL/pages/74814817.

Use the Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant app to migrate everything from Confluence Server to Atlassian Cloud. Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant explains the step-by-step procedure to migrate the required content in detail.
Navigate to the Confluence Administration > Atlassian Cloud > Migration Assistant screenThe Migration Assistant allows you to migrate global app configurations, users, and groups as required.

Profile migration using CCMA is supported from Advanced Tables for Confluence, server/DC version 8.7.5, and Cloud app version 1.2.14-AC.