How to configure Agile board using Jira Command Line Interface (CLI)

This article explains how to do multiple board configuration related tasks with Jira Command Line Interface (CLI).

Since Bob Swift Atlassian CLI version 10.0.0, we have added a list of actions to cover board configurations, including board column, board card layout and Days In Column enable/disable , kanban board subfilter(subquery), scrum board estimation and time tracking. With these actions added, we are targeting to automate the board configurations without going to UI.


I: configure board column.

  1. add a board column:

    //add a column --action addBoardColumn --board "Myboard" --column "newColumn" //add another column with same name as existing one --action addBoardColumn --board "Myboard" --column "newColumn" --options createAnother //map status to new column when creating the column --action addBoardColumn --board "Myboard" --column "newColumn" --status "s1,s2" //for project associated with simplified workflow, status can be auto-created //use @default to auto-create status, when create status, you can choose category for new status, //use @default to choose system default category, otherwise, set desired status category --action addBoardColumn --board "Myboard" --column "newColumn" --status @default --statusCategory @default
  2. update a board column, update name or status:

    //status will be fully replaced with new status list --action updateBoardColumn --board "Myboard" --column "newColumn2" --status "s1,s2,s3"
  3. remove a board column:

    //remove by name or id --action removeBoardColumn --board "Myboard" --column "newColumn"
  4. get details of the board columns:


II. Configure board card layout and Days In Column feature

Up to 3 extra fields can be added to the board card. Card can also have “Days In Column” enabled or disabled. “Days In Column” is a dotted line shown how many days the card has stayed in the board. It is a visual indicator of the issue progress.


  1. Update the column card:


III. Update Kanban subquery/subfilter

  1. subfilter/subquery for kanban board only


IV. Update Scrum board estimation statistic and time

Use estimation parameter to set the estimation statistic. Use tracking parameter to set the time tracking. There are only two values for tracking 1) None 2) Remaining Estimate and Time Spent

  1. udpate estimation and tracking:


V. Refer to below for template script