How to perform screen-related tasks using Jira Command Line Interface (CLI)

This article explains how to do multiple screen related tasks with Jira Command Line Interface (CLI).

Since Bob Swift Atlassian CLI version 9.6.0, we have added a list of actions to perform screen related actions. These actions cover screen, screen tab and screen fields


  1. get all screens:

    --action getScreenList --limit 2 --regex “zscreen.*”
  2. add a new screen:

    //use 'screen' or 'name' to specify name for the new screen
    //new 'continue' if you want to skip the task if the name is already exists
    --action addScreen --screen/name "zscreen2" --description "zscreen2 description" --continue
  3. update screen name or description

    --action updateScreen --screen zscreen4 --name "zscreen4update" --description "zscreen4update new description"
  4. remove a screen:

    //remove by name or id
    --action removeScreen --screen "demo"
    --action removeScreen --screen 10976 --continue
  5. get all tabs of a screen:

    //use screen name or id
    //use @default if to find the tabs for the default screen
    --action getScreenTabList --screen "zscreen3"
    --action getScreenTabList --screen 10976
    --action getScreenTabList --screen "@default"
  6. add a new tab to screen:

    //use parameter 'tab' or 'name' to specify the name for the new tab
    --action addScreenTab --screen “12345” --tab/name “new tab name” --continue
  7. update screen tab 

    //update name of a tab
    --action updateScreenTab --screen “screenName” --tab “current tab name” --name “new tab name”
    //update position of a tab -- the order of the tabs
    //"after" takes 1) @first -- make it first tab; 2) @last - make it last tab; 3) another tab name or id -- the tab that you want to put current tab after it
    --action updateScreenTab --screen “screenName” --after “@first”
    --action updateScreenTab --screen “screenName” --after “afterMe”
  8. remove a screen tab:

    //remove by name or id
    --action removeScreenTab --screen “screenId” --tab “tab to remove” --continue
  9. get all fields on a screen:

    //list all fields on screen with id 10976
    --action getScreenFieldList --screen 10976
    //list all fields on screen with id 10976 under tab "a tab"
    --action getScreenFieldList --screen 10976 --tab "a tab"
  10. add fields to screen:

    //add fields to default/1st tab of screen 12345
    --action addScreenFields --screen 12345 --field “summary” --field “assignee” --continue
    //add fields to tab "target tab" inside screen 12345
    //if the fields is already on other tab, it will be moved to "target tab". !!!
    --action addScreenFields --screen 12345 --tab “target tab” --field “summary” --field “assignee” --continue.
    //if "target tab" exists, add/move fields to this tab, Otherwise,
    //"autoTab" will automatically create a tab using the specified tab name "target tab" and move fields to this new tab.
    --action addScreenFields --screen 12345 --tab “target tab” --field “summary” --field “assignee” --autoTab --continue.
  11. update field on screen

    //update the order of fields inside the tab.
    //make "summary" the first field in field list under its tab
    --action updateScreenField --screen 12345 --field “summary” --after “@first”
    //make "summary" the last field in field list under its tab
    --action updateScreenField --screen 12345 --field “summary” --after “@last”
    //place "summary" right after field "assignee"
    --action updateScreenField --screen 12345 --field “summary” --after “assignee”
  12. remove fields from screen:

    //remove fields from the screen
    --action removeScreenFields --screen 12345 --field “summary” --field “assignee” --continue

Common guidelines

  1. Whenever 'screen' is a required parameter to find a screen, you can use screen name, screen id or @default - if to use default screen. However, screen ID is strongly suggested for performance purpose.
  2. to work on 'fields', your input 'field' must be a field already exists in your Jira instance. Otherwise, pre-validation will error it out.
  3. addScreenFields and removeScreenFields can accept multiple fields in one action.