Error, 'This app requires a Data Center License' occurs for server apps

Problem statement

Customers renewing their server app on Data Center host run into the error mentioned in the next section on the app's page after its renewal.

Error message 

This app requires a Data Center license.

You currently have a Server license for this app, with a start date of 3 September 2019 or later.

To keep using this app, you need to purchase the Data Center app version, which has been approved for Data Center environments.


Due to the recent policy changes from Atlassian, many vendors have made their apps Data Center approved and they are already available on Atlassian Marketplace. These apps are purpose-built for Data Center environments, tested and verified to live up to Data Center-specific standards for performance, scalability, and reliability. As such, server apps do not work on Data Center host products anymore after 3 September 2019. You are required to install a Data Center approved app for your Data Center based product if one already exists. This does not apply if the Data Center approved app does not exist. The existence of Data Center compatible app can be verified on the Atlassian Marketplace for specific apps.


  • When is it advisable to purchase a Data Center license if we are already using a server license?
    Data Center customers are required to move to Data Center approved apps, where available, upon their next Server app maintenance renewal after the September 2, 2019. Customers may continue to use their existing server app license but cannot renew server maintenance after this date. For example, if a server license is expiring on 13-May-2020, after renewal, the start date of the license would be 14-May-2020. As per Atlassian, if your license start date is on or after 03-Sep-2019, you are required to purchase a Data Center approved app license if an approved version is available.
  • When did changes from this program go into effect?
    As part of the launch of the Data Center approved apps program back in 2018, Atlassian gave Marketplace vendors some time to certify their apps as Data Center approved and time for customers to adopt these apps. For apps where a Data Center approved version was available, customers were not required to run the Data Center approved version for one year ( 03 Sep 2018 - 02 Sep 2019). This allowed customers to continue paying the existing price for at least 12 months.