How to deactivate users in Jira using Jira Command Line Interface (CLI)

This article helps you deactivate Jira users in bulk using Jira Command Line Interface.


Use the action updateUser with runFromCsv to deactivate users in bulk. 

  1. Create a .csv file that contains userIds of the users you wish to deactivate the accounts of. An example file is shown below: 
  2. Run the command below to deactivate the user accounts that are provided in the .csv file (user.csv in this example).

    --action runFromCsv --file "user.csv" --common "--action updateUser --deactivate"

    The parameters used in the above action are 

    • file: Name (or path) of the file specified in the command.

    • common: Common parameter string added to all run actions.

    • continue: This parameter can be added, if the user does not exist, and you want the action to continue.

  • Make sure to run the command in a non-production environment before testing in a production environment.
  • Update the .csv file with the usernames appropriately.
  • This action is not available for Cloud.