FAQs on Command Line Interface (CLI)


This article provides answers to the most frequently asked questions on the CLI app.


 Where exactly does this app run?

Jira/Confluence/Bamboo/Bitbucket/Atlassian Command Line Interface (CLI) has 2 components:

  1. CLI Connector - This is installed on the server using Universal Plug-in Manager (UPM) and provides a specific license validation REST API. It is accessible to CLI client via <base-url>/rest/org.swift.confluence.cli/latest/validatelicense.
  2. CLI Client - This can be installed on any operating system (Windows, Linux, OSX) that has Java 8 or higher.

Download the CLI Client from Downloads - CLI Clients on the local machine where you want to execute the actions. See the page What is the difference between CLI clients and Run CLI add-ons? for more information.

 Do clients still require an instance app (CLI Connector) be installed?

Yes, with some exceptionsThis has not changed. The Connector app provides license enforcement, and, in some cases, extended remote interfaces are not available from the base Atlassian product.

The following clients are provided at no charge and do not require a connector:

 Can CLI Clients be purchased separately?

No. CLI Clients are available at no charge with the purchase of one or more of server or cloud apps. 

 What does an existing Run CLI Actions app customer need to do to remain properly licensed ?

Nothing, if they do not use CLI Clients and only use the integrated support as part of their Atlassian product. Renew your license as usual when maintenance has expired.

If you want to use CLI Clients as well as the integrated capabilities, then an additional license is required for the CLI Connector. This license change was effective from CLI version 6.x but was enforced only when upgrading Clients to 7.0 or higher. If you are entitled to a discounted license (determined as per maintenance expiry date), contact us at license@appfire.com.

 How can I evaluate the CLI app prior to purchase?

Obtain an evaluation license for one of the Atlassian apps listed, install the app, and then, download the ACLI Client distribution. See CLI Client Installation and Use for more information.

 Can an ACL Client be used to access an instance that does not have the Connector app installed?

NoACLI Client is not licensed to be used to access an Atlassian app or instance that requires a Connector app to be installed.

 Can I continue to use a version of ACLI Client prior to version 7 ?

Yes. Versions prior to 7.0 can be used under the terms in effect at that time. Links are available in the Related Information section.

 Do I need to purchase both the CLI and Run CLI Action apps to use both the client and the product specific functions ?

Yes. You must purchase both the CLI and Run CLI Action apps to use both the client and the product specific functions.

 If I am an official Atlassian Partner or Expert, can I get a special rate for CLI app?

Yes. Atlassian recognised partners and members of the Atlassian Experts Program can use any CLI app free of charge for development, testing, or, demonstration purposes. A commercial license is required when used to provide services to customers. See Add-ons for Atlassian Experts for more details.

 Are CLI apps available for Atlassian Cloud ?

Yes. CLI apps for Jira, Jira Service Desk, Confluence Cloud etc., are available in Atlassian Cloud for purchase or trial subscription. Bitbucket Cloud is also supported by the ACLI Client and is currently available for a limited time at no charge.

 Do I need a CLI license for an Atlassian server that is a developer/test system ?

No, for all servers except Crucible/FishEye.

  1. Any Atlassian paid app automatically provides a developer license associated with your production license. Go to my.atlassian.com, expand the app, and, look for a link.
  2. We have purposefully allowed CLI to work with developer servers where the connector is installed but do not have a license. This is to make it easier for administrators and add-on developers.
  3. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide same support for Crucible/FishEye at this time due to limitations in determining a developer licensed server.
 How many client users can I have ?

Unlimited. Any number of users can install clients and connect to a server. The requirement is that the host must have the CLI Connector component installed with valid license.

 Which server product should I choose ?

Choose the product specific Command Line Interface (CLI Connector) if you want to use a client to connect to the Atlassian product.

Choose the product specific Run CLI Actions app for integrated capabilities like JIRA workflow actions, Confluence macros, Bamboo tasks, or similar product capabilities available with these apps.

  Where do I find a CLI Connector on the Marketplace ?

Each of the following product specific Command Line Interface (CLI) Marketplace entries represent respective CLI Connectors (UPM installable). The links are provided as under:

The following clients do not need a connector:

 Where do I find CLI Client on the Marketplace ?

Atlassian Command Line Interface (CLI) provides a client distribution that contains all product specific clients. It is included at no charge with any of the CLI Connectors.

 How does CLI Client access Atlassian applications ?

The CLI client uses request/response protocol built on REST API calls provided by Atlassian. It performs remote actions against your Atlassian applications.

 What permissions does CLI Client require ?

Nothing specific to the app. The users standard Atlassian application permissions to determine what the user can or cannot do, just like any other instance access via REST APIs or the user interface.
Our app honors the permissions provided by the host app, and, if the user does not have specific permission, the user is not allowed to perform the action using CLI client.

 How is a CLI Client user authenticated ?

The CLI Client authentication is different for Cloud and Server versions of Confluence. For Server, authentication is based on the username and password provided when running the command from the CLI Client or distribution. For Cloud, authentication is based on the username as email ID and password as API token. For additional information on authentication, refer to this document.

 Are there any risks in using the CLI app ?

The risks in using this app are no different from performing the same operations via the Atlassian application user interface. CLI has just those capabilities that Atlassian provided API offers. That said, as with any automation tool, we encourage our customers to carefully test their CLI actions in test environments whenever possible. We also suggest using the simulate option, to understand in detail what a given command does, before using it in a live environment.

 Can this app be misused beyond the application permission given to users ?

No. The CLI can perform only those operations that are permitted to be executed via the Atlassian application's user interface. So, while it cannot be misused, it is very powerful; thus, must be used with caution and after thorough testing.

 What can be done if the above happens ?

The recourse or rollback options are identical to those in the user interface. Some options to consider are making backups of data that is expected to change, or, making a plan to revert the changes via CLI. For example, if CLI is used to create new users in bulk, a CLI command must be ready to be used to remove or disable those users, if the results are unexpected.

 What do customers like in this app ?

Our customers use the CLI to automate tedious and repetitive tasks so that they can spend their time on more productive work. Our customers daily save many work hours with this app. Some operations in the Atlassian User Interface, that require many clicks and many screens, can be performed using minimal commands with this app.

 Is this app easy to learn ?

The CLI is a very powerful tool. For example, it has over 200 actions available for Confluence. This can sometimes be a challenging learning curve till one understands the consistent patterns in commands. Once that is understood well, it becomes easier to create CLI commands.

 What support platforms are available for the CLI app ?

The Appfire support team actively monitors the Atlassian Community and our own CLI Questions forum to guide new users. We respond quickly and thoroughly to all support questions as well.