Use regex to remove Include macro from space(s) using Confluence CLI


This article describes the steps involved in removing a macro from one or more spaces through regex patterns using the Confluence Command Line Interface (CLI).

Step-by-step guide

You can remove a macro by using the runFromPageList and modifyPage actions. You can choose between the two actions based on your needs. 

  • The runFromPageList action allows you to search for the page as per the specified criteria.
  • The modifyPage action allows you to modify the storage format of the page and remove the Include macro from all the pages in a space.

  1. Ensure that you update the file with the server, user, and password details. 
  2. To remove an Include Macro from all the pages in a space, execute the following CLI command: 

    --action runFromPageList --space "TEST" --common "--action modifyPage --space "TSETSPACE" --id @pageId@ --special \" # \" --findReplaceRegex \"<ac:structured-macro ac:name=\"include\" (?s).*</ac:structured-macro># \""

    Replace the space name with the intended name of the space in the above syntax.

  3. To remove a Macro from all the pages on a Confluence site, execute the following CLI command:

    --action runFromPageList --space "@ALL" --common "--action modifyPage --space "@ALL" --id @pageId@ --special \" # \" --findReplaceRegex \"<ac:structured-macro ac:name=\"include\" (?s).*</ac:structured-macro># \""

If you want to remove other macros from the page(s), you need to specify a different regex pattern. Please refer to How to use regular expression for further details.

  • We highly recommend that you test the actions on a test instance before executing it in the production environment. 
  • As a precautionary measure, take a back up of the instance before executing the command.