How to use date variable in a user form to filter JIRA issues

This article explains how we can pass a date with Run Self-Service Report & use that date value in a JQL to filter JIRA issues.


  1. Insert “run with a user form and parameters” macro in a confluence page and configure the date field as below screenshot:

    Wiki mark up code-

    {run:autoRun=true|replace= date::Created Date:group, year:$current_time(yyyy):Year:integer-select:2015:2022, month:$current_time(MM):Month:select::01:JAN:02:FEB:03:MAR:04:APR:05:MAY:06:JUN:07:JULY:08:AUG:09:SEPT:10:OCT:11:NOV:12:DEC, day:$current_time(d):Day:integer-select:1:31} {run}
  2. Add Advanced Table Editor - JQL Table macro inside the run with a user form and parameters macro.

  3. Choose Jira application links and enter Jira advanced search by entering the date variable as shown below and publish the page:


  4. Choose the date as per your requirement and run the macro to filter Jira issues:

You need to install Bob Swift Atlassian Apps - Advanced Tables app to get advanced JQL feature.