KB : How to get DB location in whiteboards.

This page describes the way how to obtain the location of Database where customer is holding their data.

Use Case

  1. Check contents of the DB

  2. Change it’s residency (from global to specific to EU or US or APAC)

  3. Change any detail in it (like visibility or who has access).


Access your Whiteboards.io instance and hit the Developer Tools (F12)

Go to Elements into <head> and look for dac-firebase-database-url tag in meta name

In this example, it’s located in shard https://eu-52-whiteboards-production.europe-west1.firebasedatabase.app

What we can read here:

EU Zone.
Shard 52.

If you want to customer give you this data ask them to run this code in console:


should produce such info:

On Jira Cloud and Confluence Cloud installations it’s always the same and it’s https://whiteboards-production.firebaseio.com