KB : Show more than 50 assets in the new UI asset list

In the new UI of Asset Tracker, users can choose to show 15/25/50 assets on the same page, and in the old UI, users can actually show all assets. Due to the performance issues, the new UI doesn't provide any options to show all assets on the same page anymore. The workaround for this would be modifying the URL in order to see more assets on one page.

After clicking the number of assets shown on one page button, users can see the URL parameter in the URL added

N depends on the number you clicked (15/25/50)

By changing the N to a larger number which can cover all the assets, Asset Tracker can actually show all the assets on one page. However, this might break Jira if there are a lot of columns in Asset Tracker asset view list. Users should avoid any fields in the list column which requires Jira to do rendering (like user fields, multi-line text field)