Copy page tree - Migration from Server/DC to Cloud

This article covers the information needed to migrate from the server to the cloud.

The server and cloud are very similar in functionality, with minor differences in the user interface and in the details of the behaviour during and after the copy operation. There is no migration necessary when you migrate your instance from Server/DC to Cloud (or vice versa). You only need to install the Copy Page Tree plugin on your instance.

Differences between Server and Cloud versions

This section provides the differences between the app's Server/DC and Cloud versions. These differences include any server parameters that were not implemented in the cloud or functionalities that are only partially implemented or are not available. 

The following table provides the difference between the Server and the Cloud versions:









Add another replacement (Page Content)


Copy comments

Comments are not copied in the Cloud.

Add a space after the title Prefix

The server does not support the additional space option for the prefix and the suffix. But, you can insert a space in the Prefix and Suffix while specifying.

Add a space before the title Suffix

Expand All


Select All

The cloud does not support the selection of pages from the page tree you want to copy.
We have a ticket CPTC-134 for the enhancement and you can track the progress here.

Deselect All

Manual selection of pages

Reset Form to Defaults


Enable Advanced Options

All the options in the server are accessible, but in the cloud, some of them are accessible only if you enable Enable Advanced Options.

Page Title Preview

These options are both available on servers and in the cloud, but in the cloud, they are accessible if Enable Advanced Options is ticked.

Page Content


Allowed Groups (Configuration)


Is it possible to convert my Confluence Server license to Confluence Cloud?

Unfortunately, no. Server licenses are one-time purchases with optional maintenance, whereas Cloud purchases are recurring subscriptions. As such, existing Server app licenses cannot be transferred or credited to Cloud. These are independent licenses that need to be paid for separately.

If you purchased your Confluence Server license directly via the Atlassian Marketplace, you may contact Atlassian Support to see if you are eligible for a refund.

Help and support

If you are still experiencing an issue, please contact our Support team for assistance we are happy to help you.