MultiExcerpt - Server/Data Center - 5.6.26

MultiExcerpt version 5.6.26 adds an integration with the Comala Document Management (CDM) plugin.

With this feature enabled in both MultiExcerpt and in CDM a MultiExcerpt Include can recognize CDM workflow statuses and will only include approved content.

With the feature enabled, a MultiExcerpt Include will not include draft/unapproved content.

Of course, this integration feature requires that both MultiExcerpt and CDM be installed on your instance.


Enabling the Comala Document Management Integration Feature

You must enable the feature in BOTH the MultiExcerpt and CDM plugins.

As an admin user, enable the feature in CDM’s “Configuration” admin tool by enabling “Published View Macro Transform”:

Also enable the feature in MultiExcerpt’s admin tool (“Comala Published Version Integration Enabled”):

Viewing Approved Content in a MultiExcerpt-Include

With the feature enabled, a MultiExcerpt Include will only include approved content (approved via CDM workflow).

Note that it is possible for a MultiExcerpt Include to include content from a page that does not use CDM workflow, even if the feature is enabled. For example, you may have a space that does not use CDM workflow. In that case, the MultiExcerpt-Include reverts to regular behavior, which is to include the latest version of the content.

Note that a page that is in its very early life-cycle may not ever have been approved yet. In such a case, a MultiExcerpt-Include that includes content from that never-approved page might not render the content. If a user does not have permission to view the draft content, the MultiExcerpt-Include will render a message alerting the user that they cannot view the content before it is approved.

There are no special requirements beyond enabling the feature. It is as simple as enabling it and practicing with it. Try it out!


The feature works with and without MultiExcerpt-Include caching. Caching is enabled/disabled globally in the MultiExcerpt admin tool and disabled per-macro in the MultiExcerpt-Include macro editor. There is no need to change your current caching strategy when using this CDM integration.

Special Case: Comala Document Management Plugin is Installed but Disabled

If the Comala Document Management (CDM) plugin is installed and this integration feature is enabled and THEN an admin user disables the CDM plugin then the MultiExcerpt plugin reverts to regular behavior, rendering the latest version of included content.

The MultiExcerpt plugin, of course, cannot recognize CDM workflow statuses if the CDM plugin is disabled.


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